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Hi all,I have actually been having actually an problem with mine shifter occasionally locking in ar when put right into PARK. I recognize when this will happen due to the fact that my door locks do NOT immediately UNLOCK as they need to when the shifter is in PARK. I have had a few occasions once the SSR would certainly roll backwards because it remained in REVERSE also when the shifter, and DIC, suggest PARK. I found I can "jiggle" the shifter, after pushing into PARK, in bespeak to shot to gain the doors come UNLOCK. Anyway, I thought that, maybe, the shifter cable necessary a little bit of size adjustment in order come ensure the tranny was completely engaged in PARK when the shifter was complete forward.FYI ... I do have the Dicktator shift-linkage repair kit installed.I was directed to page 7-250 that the SSR business manual and also printed those directions. When I went under the SSR, ns did NOT uncover a component that matched the diagram in the manual ... ??? i then saw Youtube and also watched the video clip at this link:

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While not an SSR tutorial, this video clip showed the place of the component ns was searching for ... The adjustment linkage in the shifter cable. I crawled ago under the SSR however ... NOoooo ... I still cannot find the component quote in the company manual and also shown in the video ... The shifter cable simply routes to the rear and also up right into the cab. Either the hands-on is dorn .. Or mine cable is WRONG. I pulled out the paperwork the came v my SSR and discovered in the CarFax report that my shifter cable was changed in 2012. Sooo, maybe my cable is various from OEM (?). I received a message from "yellow bear" that referred me to write-up 17 the the adhering to thread: Transmission change Cable Repair photos which describes a fully different procedure because that adjusting the shift cable length ... This procedure matches the components found under the SSR. So the is the procedure i followed, and maybe my SSR transition cable is not "different".I did find that my Dicktator change repair kit was probably looser 보다 it should have actually been. Ns did not "torque" that down once I very first installed it, and I discovered that it had a little of "wobble" at the transition pivot linkage end. This enabled me to push the linkage back and forth about 3/16 that an inch without relocating the pivot link. I tightened this connection to "snug that up" without bring about it to lock in place, and also my shifter now shifts much an ext solidly and firmly. Sorry for the an extensive post ... The attached photos (here and post #2) phone call the story. ** mediate ** snapshot #2 cites "snomuncher" as giving the steps I adhered to .. That was in reality "PocketRocket" .. Apologies (snomuncher has actually been a large help as well!)Cheers, Carl