REMOVAL PROCEDURECAUTION: * gasoline or gasoline vapors are highly flammable. A fire could occur if an ignition source is present. Never drainpipe or save gasoline or diesel fuel in an open container, due to the opportunity of fire or explosion. Have actually a dry chemical (Class B) fire extinguisher nearby. * administer proper ventilation once working with fuel in enclosed locations where fuel vapors can collect. The absence of adequate ventilation may an outcome in an individual injury. * always wear security goggles when working v fuel in bespeak to protect the eye from fuel splash. * Fuel Vapors have the right to collect while servicing fuel system parts in enclosed areas such as a trunk. To mitigate the risk of fire and also increased exposure come vapors: * Use forced air ventilation such as a fan set outside that the trunk. * Plug or cap any fuel mechanism openings in bespeak to reduce fuel vapor formation. * Clean up any spilled fuel immediately. * avoid sparks and any source of ignition. * Use indicators to alert rather in the job-related area the fuel device work is in process.NOTE: * Clean every one of the following areas before performing any kind of disconnections in order come avoid possible contamination in the system: * The fuel pipe connections * The hose relations * The areas surrounding the connections * execute not handle the fuel sender assembly through the fuel pipes. The amount of leverage produced by taking care of the fuel pipes can damage the joints. * change the fuel sender O-rings as soon as re-installing the fuel sender in order to avoid damage to the fuel sender assembly1. Relax the fuel system fuel pressure. Refer to Fuel press Release. 2. Drainpipe the fuel tank (1) come at the very least 3/4 full. Refer to Fuel Tank Draining Procedure.3. Remove the spare tires cover, the jack, and also the spare tire.CAUTION: eliminate the rear compartment floor trim to carry out technician contact with the vehicle"s steel surfaces failure to eliminate the rear compartment floor trim may cause a static electrical energy discharge come ignite any fuel vapor result in personal injury and vehicle damage.NOTE: remove the rear compartment floor trim to avoid damages from fuel spillage. 4. Eliminate the Compartment Trim dashboard Replacement - behind (1). 5. Eliminate the fuel sender accessibility panel (1).6. Clean the fuel pipeline connections, the water tap connections, and every one of the locations surrounding the connections before disconnecting the connections in order come avoid feasible contamination of the fuel system.NOTE: remove the rear compartment floor trim come avoid damage from fuel spillage. 7. Eliminate the quick-connect fittings at the fuel sender assembly. 8. Remove the electric connector at the fuel sender. 9. Remove the electrical connector at the fuel tank push sensor.IMPORTANT: * The modular fuel sender will certainly spring-up once the retaining cam is removed. * once removing the modular fuel sender assembly native the fuel tank, the reservoir bucket top top the fuel sender assembly is complete of fuel. The fuel sender assembly must be tipped slightly throughout removal in order come avoid damage to the float. Place any remaining fuel into an approved container as soon as the fuel sender assembly is gotten rid of from the tank. 10. Eliminate the fuel sender retaining ring making use of the J 39675 Fuel Sender Spanner Wrench.11. Remove the fuel sender assembly retaining cam, utilizing the J 39675 Fuel Sender Spanner Wrench. 12. Eliminate the fuel sender assembly and also the O-ring native the fuel tank. 13. Discard the fuel sender assembly O-ring. 14. Clean and inspect the O-ring sealing surface on the fuel sender assembly.INSTALLATION PROCEDURENOTE: constantly re-attach the fuel lines and also fuel filter through all original type fasteners and also hardware.Do not repair sections of fuel pipes.IMPORTANT: always replace the fuel sender O-ring when the reinstalling the fuel sender assembly.1. Position the brand-new O-ring because that the fuel sender assembly top top the fuel tank.IMPORTANT: treatment should be taken not to wrinkles over or twisted the fuel pump strainer as soon as installing the fuel sender assembly, as this will certainly restrict fuel flow. Also, guarantee that the fuel pump strainer does no block complete travel of to rise arm. 2. Rally the fuel sender assembly and the retainer video camer using the J 39675 Fuel Sender Spanner Wrench.IMPORTANT: care should be taken no to wrinkles over or twist the fuel pump strainer (4) once installing the fuel sender assembly, as this will restrict fuel flow. Also, assure that the fuel pump strainer does not block complete travel of to rise arm.3. Download the fuel sender assembly and the fuel sender assembly retainer cam using the J 39765 Fuel Sender Spanner Wrench. 4. Download the quick-connect fittings at the fuel sender assembly. Describe Quick connect Fitting(s) service (Plastic Collar).5. Connect the electrical connector in ~ the fuel tank pressure sensor. 6. Affix the electrical connector at the fuel sender assembly. 7. Connect the an adverse battery cable. 8. Perform the following procedure to check for leaks:8.1. Turn the ignition switch On for 2 seconds.8.2. Revolve the ignition switch turn off for 10 seconds.8.3. Rotate the ignition switch On.8.4. Inspect for fuel leaks.NOTE: describe Fastener an alert in business Precautions.9. Download the fuel sender access panel.TightenTighten the bolts come 2 Nm (18 lb in). 10. Download the behind compartment trim dashboard (1). 11. Download the preventive tire, the jack, and the spare tire cover.12. Include fuel to the fuel tank. 13.

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Download the fuel tank filler cap.There girlfriend go.