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They are raising by 4 times minus a arithmetic progression beginning in 1.

It goes like this.

2 then..24 - 1 = 774 - 2 = 26264 - 3 = 1011014 - 4 = 400

So the following number is

400*4 - 5 = 1595

2, 7, 26, 101, 400, 1595

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MathematicsHow many different digits have the right to replace * in the number 204*73 so that the result number is divisible by 3?


Solving worded difficulty with bearings

A enlightenment troop space hiking in a forest. Beginning from the base, they walk 4.2 kilometres south adhered to by 7.1 kilometres west....

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What is the ticket ?Let number of adult ticket marketed be xThen number of teenager ticket sold be 2xSince total variety of ticket offered be 250So, number of children ticket sold = 250 - x - 2x complete amount that ticket marketed =$ 2825 (15)x + (10)2x + (8) (250-x-2x) = 2825 11 x + 2000 = 2825 x = 825/11 x = 75Thus, adult ticket were offered = 75 teenager ticket were offered = 150Children ticket were sold = 25

simple question about splitting the bill with my roommate1st method is correct due to the fact that the proportion of member is 9:12So the money paid additionally be in 9:12One human being pay 9* 500/(9+12)And other person pay 12*500/(9+12)Hope this will certainly helpTo examine why second method is wrong:If one human pay 9*500/24And various other pay 12*500/24Then the total money paid will certainly not it is in eqaul come $500

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