once a Ford over journey light flashes, the is informing you that there is some sort of problem with the transmission. A neighborhood transmission shop should have the ability to scan it and also see what the problem is

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If the OD light continues to flash, the computer system has determined a problem within the system. What you need to do is have actually the computer scanned because that codes. Most components stores will do it for free.Let me understand what girlfriend find.Joe

The overdrive(lockout) irradiate on the dash come on after around five minute of operation time then flashes because that as long as the automobile is driven. Is this a modual going the end or a trouble with the transmission?

The overdrive irradiate on the dash of my 1998 Ford explorer is flashing on & off. What might be the problem?
that is an indication that the transmission regulate system has identified a malfunction and stored a code. Friend will need a skilled scan device to be able to retrieve the save on computer TCM codes.
ns was steering on freeway, and noticed the o/d off light flashing, i didn't notice anything weird/different, till I to be coming to a stop. The an initial stop light ns kinda believed it was simply me; i was wearing upper and lower reversal flops and maybe mine foot slipped or something. Then at the next stop sign, that was almost kind of choose a hesitation? ours speedometer was found last weekend is 5 mph off. You re welcome help.
good afternoon,With the irradiate on, there is a code stored in the system. In most cases, that is the talk converter that is the issue.https://www.cg-tower.com/articles/checking-a-service-engine-soon-or-check-engine-light-on-or-flashinghttps://www.cg-tower.com/articles/automatic-transmission-problemsThe very first thing i would do is adjust the fluid and filter. It might be starving for liquid from the filter being partially clogged.https://www.cg-tower.com/articles/how-to-service-an-automatic-transmissionRoy
The computer system has determined a problem. The light"s flashing is telling you to have actually the computer scanned to recognize where the problem is coming from.
I have actually a 1996 Ford traveler 2-wheel drive 4 cylinder. Together I am riding, once I am riding a few miles, the o/d off. Overdrive turn off light starts to blink on and off. I deserve to feel the truck kind of jerk right prior to this starts. When the engine is turned off, I can again ride because that a while and then it wake up again. This has been emerging for around 2 weeks now.
hi there, friend will require to obtain a scan done as this is a error light, there will certainly be a code collection that will indicate where the difficulty will lie, start here.Mark (mhpautos)

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transmission problem1995 Ford traveler 6 cyl two Wheel drive Automatic 135k milesmy overdrive light keep blinking on mine 95 explorer, it wont shut of, i disconnect the an unfavorable cable and also it stay of for 5 minute, what execute I need to do to fix this problem. Likewise here space the scan code 646 top top 1 & 2 Gear and also 647 for 3rd gear, what execute these code mean?
fine with every little thing that i can find it might be the overdrive switch or the speak converter is also a really common problem. What I require you to perform is watch if you can the trouble codes native the transmission. What you require is a file clip and also a test light to gain codes. Usage the pic below to hook up. The height pic is what come use. Hook the check light up just how they display the meter hooked up. Now they show a jumper cable from the me test entry (single little connecto) come the signal return top top the bigger test connector that is where you placed the document clip so that they are connected. Now turn an essential on engine off and the check light will start to blink. It will blink once brief pause climate blink twice and also longer stop then it will go to the next code. This is a password a 12 it method it is going right into self check mode. Now with the remainder of the blinks just count lock in the same method get ago to me top top what you find.