One of the many inconvenient things that can take place to her F150 is as soon as the speedometer stops working. Girlfriend don’t yes, really realize exactly how much you look at the point until it’s just always sitting in ~ 0 MPH when driving down the road.

If her Ford F150’s speedometer is no working, it’s usually going to be brought about by an issue with the VSS (vehicle speed sensor), or a negative ECU. The VSS is commonly not really expensive, and also they room not that daunting to replace.

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Vehicles offered to usage a cable that would typically run from the tail shaft of the infection to the speedometer. There to be a physical/mechanical connection between the drivetrain and also the speedometer.

Instead that this direct connection, a modern-day vehicle supplies the auto speed sensor and relays that information to the speedometer. The VSS is one component of a system of sensors the helps keep you for sure (traction control, ABS, cruise control).

Speedometer Not functioning Causes: Ford F150

A modern vehicle’s speedometer take away the input indigenous the vehicle Speed Sensor and also sends the data to the ECU. The ECU is programmed through your F150’s gear ratios and also stock tire height. It combine this data come send the speed reading to the instrument cluster. The causes of a bad speedometer will typically be found in these 4 things:

A typical VSS ECU– her F150’s Engine regulate Unit (ECU for short) is the computer that takes all of the information that the auto sensors compile and also uses that to regulate the car systems, and also sends crucial vehicular telemetry data to the driver via the tool cluster. If over there is something wrong with the ECU, it may no longer be able to send the speed telemetry come the tool panel. This one is a opportunity if there room no VSS connected trouble codes, however taking a look at the wiring would certainly be a much better place come go before taking a look in ~ the ECU. Speedometer Itself– The odds the the speedometer going out all by itself, when the rest of the gauges proceed to work-related are not great. Most of the moment if the speedometer is out, it means that there is a bigger problem with the whole instrument cluster. Do all of the various other gauges work? If correct then, the trouble is probably not in the speedometer, but the signal going come it. Other gauges went the end too? Ok, looking in ~ the tool panel and also ECU space going come be where to start. Instrument dashboard first.

F150 Speedometer Not functioning Diagnosis

If your Ford F150’s speedometer is not working, the first place to go would certainly be to examine the business engine soon light (if applicable). Now, take it out and also see if the cruise control still works. If it does, that’s a pretty great indication the the automobile speed sensor is just fine. If that doesn’t, it’s time to take a look at it.

After experimentation the cruise control, girlfriend would want to relocate on come the VSS and also the wiring walk to and also from it. Before sticking your head under the vehicle, examine to view if the fuse going come the VSS is blow. If that is, replacing it may temporarily gain back your F150’s speedometer, yet that doesn’t fixwhy the speedometer quit working. If whatever still checks out, it’s time to move on to the ECU.

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Driving there is no a speedometer can be somewhat dangerous and also off putting. We recommend making use of a speedometer app. They use the GPS developed into your smartphone to provide a an extremely accurate speed reading. You have the right to throw that on her dash till you gain it fixed. Good luck solving your F150’s speedometer! If there is anything the you would favor to add, please feel totally free to leave a comment below.