I have a set of – 1847 Rogers brothers Silverware with The letter “IS” and also “Eternally Yours” published on each piece. What is the worth of this set? from Patsy in Richmond, Virginia.

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I have actually 4 pounds the 1847 i get it Brothers IS. I was just wondering what it to be worth. Ns would choose to know much more about it prior to I decision whether or not to market it? native Tim in Pacific, Missouri.


Hi Patsy and also Tim,

Since girlfriend both have actually 1847 Rogers brothers IS Silver, I want to address your inquiries together. There room a couple of main points the we try to address when talking around Rogers Brothers:“1847” and “IS” marking on Rogers brother SilverThe very first thing we tell people around 1847 Rogers Brothers silver- is the the 1847 is not the manufacturer date. This is the founding date of Rogers Brothers that they encompass in the hallmark that all their silverware.

The “IS” stands for global Silver who has owned Rogers since 1898.

The allude is the neither of these markings gives any type of indication around the purity or worth of the silver.

Rogers brothers is no all SterlingMake certain that girlfriend are aware that no all sets and also pieces by Rogers Brothers space sterling. Part pieces room silver plate. Sometimes people immediately assume that old silver- pieces room sterling, however silver plating techniques have actually been around since the 1800s.

Selling Rogers brothers SilverThe most essential item to understand is even if it is or no your silver- is sterling. No matter who you market to, typically sterling silver is much more valuable 보다 silver plate, stainless steel, copper or some other non-precious metal.

If you have sterling, examine to check out if you have a complete set and if any type of pieces are broken or damaged. If you have odd and end pieces Arch Enterprises, precious metal refiner will pay because that the silver. Us would need to recognize the precise weight of her sterling silver. That means if you have knives or weighted serving wear, us would want that load separate. You re welcome feel cost-free to begin the process and fill the end our Request estimate Form.

Otherwise because that non-sterling, inspect to watch what items space going for on eBay to gain an idea around the value. The price on eBay we discovered for “Eternally yours Rogers brother Silverware” variety from $235 -$295. But likewise keep in mind the these are big 52 piece to 72 item sets in good condition, and also some of lock in their initial boxes which renders a distinction in your resale value.

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* Please save in mind that we room not a neck dealer and cannot offer estimates based on the worth of collectable, rarely or vintage antiques. As a precious metal refiner, us only offer estimates based on the load of items and the quantity of precious metal easily accessible for recovery.

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